Joie Trillo Shield

Joie Trillo Shield

The Joie Trillo Shield is a group 1//2/3 seat. It is a forward facing seat suitable for children weighing 9-36 kilograms which is approximately 1-12 years of age.


Group 1

This car seat includes the use of a pillow cushion which is placed across the waist and is designed for children weighing 9-18 kg or approximately 1-4 years of age. The impact shield is held in place with the car's own seatbelt with fastening instructions found on the seat itself and in the installation manual. The impact-absorbing cushion is designed to reduce strenuous forces on a child in the event of an accident.

The headrest is adjustable with 7 height options for correct positioning. 

Trillo Shield is ISOFIX compatible. This means that the ISOSAFE connections on the seat attach to the car's ISOFIX points on the car's own seats. Check your vehicle has ISOFIX points.


Group 2/3

For children weighing 15-36kg, or approximately 3-12 yearsold, the Trillo Shield can be used forward facing without the use of the impact shield. It is still fitted using the ISOSAFE connectors, however the cars own seatbelt is placed across the chest and through the belt guidance hole near the child's shoulder. 


Other Seat Features:

  • Side impact protection with Guard Surround Safety panels for extra security for the head and body.
  • Vehicle belt guide to aid easy installation.
  • Machine washable covers, memory foam cushions and padded arm rests.
  • Tuck away cup holders.


Final Checks Before You Buy:

  • Make sure this seat is suitable for use in your car and any others it may be used in. You can find the vehicle fitting list here.
  • Make sure you're happy with the travelling direction, seat capabilities and installation method of this seat. For more information in helping you decide which seat is best for your child read our Types of Car Seat article here.
  • Check each of the sellers below to get a good price for the seat.


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