Joie Spin 360

Joie Spin 360

The Joie Spin 360 is a group 0+/1 seat that rotates on its base to make placing your child in the seat as easy as possible. It is both forward and rearward facing, suitable for children weighing 0-18 kilograms which is approximately birth to 4 years of age.

Joie Spin 360 in Merlot


Group 0

Babies are required to travel rearward facing from birth. Whereas many babies outgrow their group 0 seats between 12-15 months old, the Joie Spin 360 offers extended rear facing travel for your child until he or she is approximately 4 years old. Extended rear facing seats have grown in popularity in the past few years due an expanded range of products available and much reputed support for rearward travel based on crash safety tests. 

Another key feature of this seat is its ability to spin 360 degrees on its base. This allows you to turn the seat towards towards you when placing your child into it. This is especially handy when your son or daughter has grown bigger. 

Children are held in the seat using a 5 point harness. The seat is attached to a base which is ISOFIX compatible. This means that the ISOFIX connections on the seat base attach to the ISOFIX points on the car's own seats. Check your vehicle has ISOFIX points.

There is also 5 recline positions that can be used in either forward or rear facing modes and a Grow Together multi-height headrest and harness system.


Group 1

Although keeping children travelling rearward facing for as long as possible is often preferred by parents, the Joie Spin 360 can be placed in a forward facing position when the child is 9kg.


Other Seat Features:

  • Built in side ventilation to keep your little one cool.
  • Deluxe cushioning for comfort
  • Multi award winning:
    • Gold winner for Best Rear Facing Car Seat in the 2018 Mother&Baby Awards
    • Gold winner for 2017 Rotating Car Seat in the 2017 Made For Mums Awards
    • Gold winner for Extended Rear Facing Car Seat in the 2016 Best Baby and Toddler Gear Mummii Awards
    • reddot award 2017 winner


Final Checks Before You Buy:

  • Make sure this seat is suitable for use in your car and any others it may be used in. You can find the vehicle fitting list here.
  • Make sure you're happy with the travelling direction, seat capabilities and installation method of this seat. For more information in helping you decide which seat is best for your child read our Types of Car Seat article here.
  • Check each of the sellers below to get a good price for the seat.


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